5 Colours That will Increase Productivity For the Office

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office-carpet-colors.jpgColours have a psychological effect whether we notice it or not. In an office environment we can use colour psychology to increase work ethic and efficiency. Most office have mono colour office chairs in conservative colours.  Now may be the time to switch to more captivating chair colours.

Red office chairs can revive office ethic. In other word red can gives employees an energy boost and prevent boredom. Red motivates productivity and can get you through long projects or overtime work. It can be a great colour for chairs in a workroom or meeting room where you need to come together to talk about creative ideas.

Yellow and orange creates a lively mood and can inspire creative thinking. We already associate yellow and orange with light-bulbs, sparks, flames and igniting inspiring thoughts. Even if you can’t get these office chair colours, you can still use on desk accessories.

Blue and green can help you focus. There colours aren’t distracting without being too gloomy. These colours produce a calm and tranquil feeling when applied to office chairs. Green is also refreshing and blue can remind us of nature.

Brown is a welcoming colour and it brings warmth. It’s most often associated with trees, fireplaces and gives a homelike feel to an office. Brown office chairs will prevent negative feelings and elevate stress especially during stressful work periods.

White is more than a neutral colour. It radiates a calm office atmosphere but it also brightens and expresses cleanliness. The only set back is that office chairs in white tend to show dirt easily unless they are maintained.

At Vivid Cleaning we offer premium office chair cleaning. In addition to cleaning office chairs we also can provide scotch-guard treatment to stain proof office furniture.  We provide Toronto cleaning services for offices, stores and home environments. Schedule a cleaning appointment with us today.


How do professionals effectively clean tile and grout?

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Tile-and-Grout-Cleaning-like-a-pro.jpgTile and grout cleaning can require a lot of time and energy when we try to do the job ourselves. If we’re new to the process, online information can be overwhelming and confusing. Investing in a tile and grout cleaning service can save you a lot of time and trouble. There are few key steps to help you understand the cleaning process.

First the tiled area is assessed for problem areas and to analyze the tile composition. Old caulking is removed as well. Then it is cleaned using specialized cleaning chemicals and machinery. This step is followed with tile and grout sealing to protect the area. This procedure allows the tiles to be cleaned easier and makes them more dirt proof.

Sealing solutions are carefully coloured matched to the tiles. If required, new caulking is placed where it’s needed on the tiled area. The tiled areas in your home will provide quality and comfort to the living space.

Vivid Cleaning offers professional tile and grout cleaning. Our employees are highly trained professionals who get the job done right. They will be able to answer any of your tile and grout cleaning questions. Our professionals will complete the tile and grout services fast and efficiently.

Vivid Cleaning provides professional service to Toronto, Markham and the GTA. Vivid Cleaning also specializes in other household cleaning tasks such as steam cleaning and duct cleaning. Schedule your next cleaning job with Vivid Cleaning for expert results.

Cockroach Pest Management

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Cockroach Pest ManagementCockroaches are a common pest for apartments and other dwellings. Aside from using pesticides there are simple ways to actively manage the problem. There are weekly maintenance steps as well as simple things you can do around the home.

Cockroaches are attracted to food whether it’s in garbage bags, open food sources or crumbs on the floor. If you limited their accessibility they won’t be interested in your home as much. The first thing to do is to seal cracks, holes and crevices with silicone sealer. It may take time but sealing the crack between the baseboard and wall will bar their entry.

In the kitchen make sure all food is sealed. Don’t keep open bags, instead get mason jar or large containers to hold food from bags you can’t reseal. Wash the cupboards so there aren’t any crumbs. Don’t keep a pile of dirty dishes in the sink. Get a garbage bin with a firm lid so they can’t get into it.

It’s important to keep your area free of crumbs. Sweep your home thoroughly and get under furniture. Underneath the fridge, couch and stove is especially important since these areas tends to get a lot of crumbs. You should regularly sweep your home about three times a week. Regular vacuuming is required for carpets, rugs and couches.

Limit where you eat your foods so you have to clean only one area carefully. These steps should keep cockroaches from your home and getting into your food. If you don’t have time to clean Vivid Cleaning offers excellent cleaning services to assist you. We offer cleaning for Toronto and the GTA. Schedule with us today.

Office Carpet Cleaning

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Steam-Cleaning-Carpets-YoutubeOffices have a lot of activity everyday and can acquire dirt on carpets and office furniture items. This happens gradually and we may not notice the shading the furniture acquires. This makes it all the more important to get carpet cleaning for your office space.

Carpet cleaning should be done once a year for your office space. This cleaning can be applied to carpets, couches, sofas, armchairs, entrance mats and office chairs. Steam cleaning will clean these office items as well as removing allergens and protecting the material.

Carpet cleaning uses pressurized hot water extraction to clean your office. In the first step of the process hot water is pressurized and sprayed onto the item such as carpets. Together with cleaning solution, dirt is lifted out and removed from the base of the carpet material.

In the next step, the dirty water is extracted from the material using a powerful vacuum. This removes any dirt and leaves minimal moisture in the material. This allows your carpet cleaning items to be dry within a few hours.

Vivid Cleaning can accommodate all your office cleaning needs.  We have flexible scheduling so the cleaning services can be done after regular business hours. The office can be steam cleaned and ready for regular business the following morning.

As a result, your office receives quality cleaning without interfering with office work. Vivid Cleaning can handle every type of stain. Carpet cleaning can also be used to remove gum out of carpet and other materials. Get carpet cleaning for your Toronto office today.

Uses of White Vinegar and Baking Soda

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Uses of White Vinegar and Baking Soda

One of the easiest ways to keep your house clean and healthy at the same time is using less chemical-based solutions to clean anything in your house. People have been using a mixture of vinegar and baking soda to clean glass materials such as windows, but those household staples can actually do more cleaning. Vinegar is acidic and generally effective to get rid of stain, grime, and even bacteria in the kitchen. On the other hand, baking soda can neutralize acid and add a little bit of abrasive property. When both substances are mixed, they create foam which can be used to clean many things, not only windows. You don’t have to purchase ready-made cleaning solutions that possibly contain harmful chemicals to do your regular cleaning chore. Some good uses of vinegar and baking soda are as follows.shutterstock_118397653

• Kitchen Appliance Cleaning

Kitchen appliance, such as oven, can be oily after some uses. Many commercially-available cleaning agents promise and can remove the oil residues from the oven indeed, but they may contain chemicals which possibly contaminate every food you put into the oven next time. Instead of using those chemical-based cleaning solutions, a mixture of white vinegar, baking soda, and water can do the job well.

To do the cleaning, mix three cups of each substance mentioned, and dip a clean cloth into the mixture. Rub the cloth on the inner side of the oven or any oily part you can see including the outer side, and let it sit for about 15 minutes. After that, use another clean wet cloth to wipe the remaining solution.

• Getting Rid of Dirt from Floor Grout

A mix of white vinegar and baking soda is so powerful that you can use it to get rid of dirt from floor grout. Before you use any of those substances, it is best to clean the dirt and dust from the floor first; you can use a broom or vacuum cleaner to do it. To start cleaning, pour baking soda on the grout lines. Next, pour a sufficient (not generous) amount of vinegar so it mixes with the baking soda. As those two substances react, you will see some bubbles forming and taking out the stubborn dirt from the grout lines. To complete the cleaning, let the bubbles settle for several minutes and then wash them with warm water. If necessary, use a cleaning brush for more powerful tile and grout cleaning.

• Cleaning a Clogged Drain

If you have any clogged drain in the kitchen or bathroom, baking soda and vinegar cleaning solution is worth trying. As previously mentioned, a mix of those two substances creates bubbles. In a drain, these bubbles will put pressure and possibly drive the clogs out. Before you start, make sure that the drain is dry or at least has only a small excess of water. Mix a half cup of each vinegar and baking soda, and pour the mixture into the drain. While you are waiting for the clog to come out, boil water in a large pan. As the water boils, pour all of it into the drain as well.