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Pet mess Management – Why pets make their messes on carpets and furniture

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dogWhen our pets have an accident it’s almost always on the carpet, rug, furniture or even items of clothing. If you’ve noticed this you may be wondering why they choose these areas over easy to clean tiles or wood floor. There are a few evolutionary theories and ways to prevent the pet accident from happening on the carpet.

For cats and dogs the carpet and soft textures are comforting. They can provide stability while your pet is vomiting. For young puppies they are often brought up in kennels where they are taught to go to the bathroom on puppy pads. Carpets resemble puppy pads and consequently they associate it with a safe place to go to the bathroom or vomit there.

Cats can associate carpets with territory. Square shaped items and structures are boxes and carpet, are perceived as closures to hide in or bring warmth and comfort. Carpets can also resemble grass or soil to come extent. In the wild cats will bury their vomit of feces. The connection is still there when they’re indoors.

Pet messes need careful carpet cleaning treatment. Until help arrives you should soak up urine spills with paper towels. Urine, vomit and poop can be dried with baking soda. This powder also helps reduce unpleasant smells.

Professional carpet cleaners use powerful cleaning equipment together with efficient cleaning solutions. For organic messes produced by your pet, enzyme treatment is needed to break down the mess. Eco-friendly cleaning solutions are also suggested to maintain your pet’s health.

Vivid Cleaning offers excellent carpet cleaning services. We can handle all your pet messes as well as any other steam cleaning needed for your furniture. Our cleaning services are available in Toronto and the GTA. Schedule a cleaning appointment with us today.


5 Colours That will Increase Productivity For the Office

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office-carpet-colors.jpgColours have a psychological effect whether we notice it or not. In an office environment we can use colour psychology to increase work ethic and efficiency. Most office have mono colour office chairs in conservative colours.  Now may be the time to switch to more captivating chair colours.

Red office chairs can revive office ethic. In other word red can gives employees an energy boost and prevent boredom. Red motivates productivity and can get you through long projects or overtime work. It can be a great colour for chairs in a workroom or meeting room where you need to come together to talk about creative ideas.

Yellow and orange creates a lively mood and can inspire creative thinking. We already associate yellow and orange with light-bulbs, sparks, flames and igniting inspiring thoughts. Even if you can’t get these office chair colours, you can still use on desk accessories.

Blue and green can help you focus. There colours aren’t distracting without being too gloomy. These colours produce a calm and tranquil feeling when applied to office chairs. Green is also refreshing and blue can remind us of nature.

Brown is a welcoming colour and it brings warmth. It’s most often associated with trees, fireplaces and gives a homelike feel to an office. Brown office chairs will prevent negative feelings and elevate stress especially during stressful work periods.

White is more than a neutral colour. It radiates a calm office atmosphere but it also brightens and expresses cleanliness. The only set back is that office chairs in white tend to show dirt easily unless they are maintained.

At Vivid Cleaning we offer premium office chair cleaning. In addition to cleaning office chairs we also can provide scotch-guard treatment to stain proof office furniture.  We provide Toronto cleaning services for offices, stores and home environments. Schedule a cleaning appointment with us today.

Toddlers and carpet care

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Sleepy-Baby-on-carpet.jpgWhen you have young children there are new things to consider for carpet care and maintenance. The main concern is that your carpets are clean. Kids play on carpets for hours and young babies crawl on them. You also enjoy doing different activities on carpets so it’s important that they are properly maintained.

You should vacuum your carpet two to three times a week. This removes most dirt and potential allergens from your carpet. If you have a pet a brush roll setting can help remove dirt that has fallen on the carpet. This vacuum setting also removes hair and other fibers from the carpet.

Carpets stains should be managed as soon as they occur. Most spills that happen are from drinks and food. You should blot liquid spills from the carpet using paper towels. This prevents stains from spreading and helps it dry faster. Food that lands on your carpet leaves crumbs and residue. Only professional carpet cleaning can fully remove these contaminants.

Toronto steam cleaning services can handle all your carpet cleaning needs. Your carpets should be steam cleaned annually with a professional steam cleaning service. Not only does steam cleaning give your carpets a deep clean, the process protects carpet fiber. This extends the lifetime of your carpet and prevents it from thinning or wearing out.

Toronto steam cleaning offers eco-friendly steam cleanings services for your carpets. Expert steam cleaning can also be applied to a variety of other items such as upholstered furniture, mattresses, rugs, drapery and much more. Experience the quality of Toronto steam cleaning today.

Features of rug design to consider

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area-rugWhen it comes to rug design, there are a large variety of choices available. This can be overwhelming but there a few key features that can help you narrow down rug design choices. The room where the rug is located can help determine which rug design to get.

In dining and living room setting most people go for elegant rugs. These rugs feature detailed oriental designs. They also incorporate deep colours of red, blue and green in the overall design. This classic look keeps the dining and living room area looking elegant. Oriental rugs work fine in these locations.

If you are looking for a simple approach for rug design, consider choosing a rug with one or two colours. Ideally the rug colour should match with the colour palette of the room. This includes considering the paint colour as well as which colours the furniture have. The rug having one colour can help bring the room together.

Having a unique design with a few colours can boost creativity and liveliness in a setting. Checkered rugs commonly use two to six colours for its squares. This helps create a playful feel and bring warmth to the room.

To keep your rug colours bright you should have then sent out to a professional rug cleaner annually. Vivid Cleaning provides professional rug cleaning for Toronto, Vaughan, Markham and the GTA. Don’t let a layer of dirt build up mask the brilliant colour of your rugs. Get your rug colours renewed with the professional rug cleaning services Vivid Cleaning offers.

Shower Thoughts on Cleaning

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shutterstock_77052289Your shower is important for keeping clean but only when it is clean. Certain cleaning tasks for the shower are often forgotten because they creep up gradually. These shower tasks affect how the shower looks and feels. It also affects your cleanliness.

Vinegar, lemon juice and baking soda are essential for cleaning faucets and the shower head. These items used for cleaning are also eco-friendly and inexpensive. Mix a solution of lemon juice and baking soda. Use a paper towel to apply the solution onto the faucets and shower knobs. This step takes off grime and residue from the metal. Use vinegar to shine these items and prevent watermarks.

You can either remove the shower head for cleaning or leave it in place for cleaning. Place about a cup of vinegar in plastic bag. Place the shower head in the vinegar and secure it in place with elastics bands or string. For quick cleaning leave the shower head immersed for one hour.

If it needs a deep cleaning leave it in the vinegar for several hours and check it periodically. This cleaning treatment will remove grime, calcium deposits and other water chemical build up from your shower head. It can also help unclog the shower head so it functions optimally.

Vivid Cleaning offers premium cleaning services for Toronto and the GTA. We provide our own cleaning supplies and can accommodate your busy schedule. Our variety of services include cleaning carpets, sofas, armchairs, couches, rugs and much more. Schedule with us today.

Office Carpet Cleaning

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Steam-Cleaning-Carpets-YoutubeOffices have a lot of activity everyday and can acquire dirt on carpets and office furniture items. This happens gradually and we may not notice the shading the furniture acquires. This makes it all the more important to get carpet cleaning for your office space.

Carpet cleaning should be done once a year for your office space. This cleaning can be applied to carpets, couches, sofas, armchairs, entrance mats and office chairs. Steam cleaning will clean these office items as well as removing allergens and protecting the material.

Carpet cleaning uses pressurized hot water extraction to clean your office. In the first step of the process hot water is pressurized and sprayed onto the item such as carpets. Together with cleaning solution, dirt is lifted out and removed from the base of the carpet material.

In the next step, the dirty water is extracted from the material using a powerful vacuum. This removes any dirt and leaves minimal moisture in the material. This allows your carpet cleaning items to be dry within a few hours.

Vivid Cleaning can accommodate all your office cleaning needs.  We have flexible scheduling so the cleaning services can be done after regular business hours. The office can be steam cleaned and ready for regular business the following morning.

As a result, your office receives quality cleaning without interfering with office work. Vivid Cleaning can handle every type of stain. Carpet cleaning can also be used to remove gum out of carpet and other materials. Get carpet cleaning for your Toronto office today.

Uses of White Vinegar and Baking Soda

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Uses of White Vinegar and Baking Soda

One of the easiest ways to keep your house clean and healthy at the same time is using less chemical-based solutions to clean anything in your house. People have been using a mixture of vinegar and baking soda to clean glass materials such as windows, but those household staples can actually do more cleaning. Vinegar is acidic and generally effective to get rid of stain, grime, and even bacteria in the kitchen. On the other hand, baking soda can neutralize acid and add a little bit of abrasive property. When both substances are mixed, they create foam which can be used to clean many things, not only windows. You don’t have to purchase ready-made cleaning solutions that possibly contain harmful chemicals to do your regular cleaning chore. Some good uses of vinegar and baking soda are as follows.shutterstock_118397653

• Kitchen Appliance Cleaning

Kitchen appliance, such as oven, can be oily after some uses. Many commercially-available cleaning agents promise and can remove the oil residues from the oven indeed, but they may contain chemicals which possibly contaminate every food you put into the oven next time. Instead of using those chemical-based cleaning solutions, a mixture of white vinegar, baking soda, and water can do the job well.

To do the cleaning, mix three cups of each substance mentioned, and dip a clean cloth into the mixture. Rub the cloth on the inner side of the oven or any oily part you can see including the outer side, and let it sit for about 15 minutes. After that, use another clean wet cloth to wipe the remaining solution.

• Getting Rid of Dirt from Floor Grout

A mix of white vinegar and baking soda is so powerful that you can use it to get rid of dirt from floor grout. Before you use any of those substances, it is best to clean the dirt and dust from the floor first; you can use a broom or vacuum cleaner to do it. To start cleaning, pour baking soda on the grout lines. Next, pour a sufficient (not generous) amount of vinegar so it mixes with the baking soda. As those two substances react, you will see some bubbles forming and taking out the stubborn dirt from the grout lines. To complete the cleaning, let the bubbles settle for several minutes and then wash them with warm water. If necessary, use a cleaning brush for more powerful tile and grout cleaning.

• Cleaning a Clogged Drain

If you have any clogged drain in the kitchen or bathroom, baking soda and vinegar cleaning solution is worth trying. As previously mentioned, a mix of those two substances creates bubbles. In a drain, these bubbles will put pressure and possibly drive the clogs out. Before you start, make sure that the drain is dry or at least has only a small excess of water. Mix a half cup of each vinegar and baking soda, and pour the mixture into the drain. While you are waiting for the clog to come out, boil water in a large pan. As the water boils, pour all of it into the drain as well.