Month: December 2017

How to Choose a Restaurant For a Holiday Get Together

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How to Choose a Restaurant For a Holiday.jpgMost of us get together with friends and family over the holiday season. If you’re having a dinner event it’s important that you choose the right restaurant. Many people get tired of going to the same restaurant every year for a holiday event. Trying somewhere new can deliver unwanted results. Here’s a simple checklist of items to look for when choosing a restaurant location.

Seating For Large Groups

You need the right amount of space to properly enjoy your event. Check if there is a private dining section for a large group and make a reservation. In restaurants with limited dining space, the seating may be cramped and it will be difficult for seating arrangements. If kids are involved make sure there are high chairs and the environment is more kid-friendly.


If you’ve never been to a restaurant you’re interested in check on cleanliness. If a restaurant didn’t pass a health check on several occasions it could be dangerous to eat there. Also consider how clean the location is. If there are stains on furniture and carpets the establishment may show a lack of cleaning quality.


Customer reviews definitely help you decide where to eat. They also point out the good and bad features of a restaurant. Go through these carefully to get a general idea of service and quality.

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Restaurant Carpet Style Guide

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Restaurant Carpet Styles.jpgIn any commercial restaurant, you will find carpets in the dining section. It may seem counter-intuitive to have carpets and food in the same setting but it actually does make sense for a restaurant to have this. Carpets prevent slip and falls as well as other numerous benefits. Here are essential carpet features that are great in a restaurant setting.

Dark Colours

There are different types of dirt and stains that occur on restaurant carpets. Aside from food, you have frequent traffic from waiting staff and from guests. The high traffic will add ample amounts of dirt to the carpet and will show discoloration. It’s best to stick with dark carpet colors to avoid unsightly stains showing up.

Synthetic Material

The carpet will eventually have to get a professional cleaning. The food that gets into the carpet can attract bacteria and mold. It can also cause unwanted odors. Synthetic carpet is easy to clean and is also safe because it can help prevent slip and falls. Carpet is less dangerous than hard flooring if a spill happens.

Dampens Sound

We’ve all been in a crowded cafeteria setting where it’s too noisy. Restaurant carpet allows your guests to talk without having to yell or have communication difficulties. Carpets also reduce excess noise from chairs, cutlery and food preparation.

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The Holiday Season Restaurant Cleaning

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Holiday Season Restaurant Cleaning.jpgAll restaurant owners know how busy the holiday season is. Due to the frequency of customers this is an optimal time for dirt and f, od stains to happen. Once the season is over its an ideal time for your restaurant to get its annual deep cleaning. A few days into the new year your restaurant should make a fresh start by with quality cleaning.

The holiday season usually ends with new years. After this date everyone takes a few days off before school and work starts again -restaurants included. Just before reopening in the new year you should get all your restaurant cleaning needs addressed.

Restaurant carpets are an important item to clean. They only need deep cleaning once a year to remove dirt and food that has build up. You can’t schedule carpet cleaning at regular times since it will interfere with business. This why professional carpet cleaners will scheduling cleaning appointments during restaurant closures and after hours in the late morning.

Your restaurant carpet will get proper cleaning and will dry before the restaurant opens again during the day. If you have fabric chairs and benches, take the time to get theseĀ items cleaned up as well. Proper restaurant cleaning freshens up the eating establishment.

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