Toddlers and carpet care

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Sleepy-Baby-on-carpet.jpgWhen you have young children there are new things to consider for carpet care and maintenance. The main concern is that your carpets are clean. Kids play on carpets for hours and young babies crawl on them. You also enjoy doing different activities on carpets so it’s important that they are properly maintained.

You should vacuum your carpet two to three times a week. This removes most dirt and potential allergens from your carpet. If you have a pet a brush roll setting can help remove dirt that has fallen on the carpet. This vacuum setting also removes hair and other fibers from the carpet.

Carpets stains should be managed as soon as they occur. Most spills that happen are from drinks and food. You should blot liquid spills from the carpet using paper towels. This prevents stains from spreading and helps it dry faster. Food that lands on your carpet leaves crumbs and residue. Only professional carpet cleaning can fully remove these contaminants.

Toronto steam cleaning services can handle all your carpet cleaning needs. Your carpets should be steam cleaned annually with a professional steam cleaning service. Not only does steam cleaning give your carpets a deep clean, the process protects carpet fiber. This extends the lifetime of your carpet and prevents it from thinning or wearing out.

Toronto steam cleaning offers eco-friendly steam cleanings services for your carpets. Expert steam cleaning can also be applied to a variety of other items such as upholstered furniture, mattresses, rugs, drapery and much more. Experience the quality of Toronto steam cleaning today.


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