Cockroach Pest Management

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Cockroach Pest ManagementCockroaches are a common pest for apartments and other dwellings. Aside from using pesticides there are simple ways to actively manage the problem. There are weekly maintenance steps as well as simple things you can do around the home.

Cockroaches are attracted to food whether it’s in garbage bags, open food sources or crumbs on the floor. If you limited their accessibility they won’t be interested in your home as much. The first thing to do is to seal cracks, holes and crevices with silicone sealer. It may take time but sealing the crack between the baseboard and wall will bar their entry.

In the kitchen make sure all food is sealed. Don’t keep open bags, instead get mason jar or large containers to hold food from bags you can’t reseal. Wash the cupboards so there aren’t any crumbs. Don’t keep a pile of dirty dishes in the sink. Get a garbage bin with a firm lid so they can’t get into it.

It’s important to keep your area free of crumbs. Sweep your home thoroughly and get under furniture. Underneath the fridge, couch and stove is especially important since these areas tends to get a lot of crumbs. You should regularly sweep your home about three times a week. Regular vacuuming is required for carpets, rugs and couches.

Limit where you eat your foods so you have to clean only one area carefully. These steps should keep cockroaches from your home and getting into your food. If you don’t have time to clean Vivid Cleaning offers excellent cleaning services to assist you. We offer cleaning for Toronto and the GTA. Schedule with us today.


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