Month: May 2015

How to Clean a Carpet for a Homeowner

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If you decide to take the “ill clean it myself” route for your carpets we have a few tips to make sure that you can clean the carpet properly. First off, before trying to do it yourself we always recommend that you hire a technician so that you don’t have to struggle yourself to clean your carpet. These technicians go through specific training on order to learn how to properly clean a carpet without damaging or mistreating it. They take a certain amount of steps to make sure that the carpets are cleaned thoroughly and efficiently. Depending on the type of stain, the whole cleaning process takes a certain amount of time and if not done correctly your carpet can get damaged to the point that it needs to be thrown out in the garbage.  Carpet cleaning technicians have specific equipment that they use to in order to do the job properly. They use their own truck mounts and portable units, which are stronger than any other type of carpet cleaning equipment.

If you still want to clean the carpet yourself make sure to remember the following tips

  • Make sure you rent proper cleaning equipment that is not too weak and has enough power to clean the carpet properly. The best place to rent these machines are from a carpet cleaning supplier. These machines are usually double the price than renting a machine from Home Depot.
  • Make sure you buy the correct cleaning supplies for the carpet. For example if you have a wool carpet you need the right cleaning solution that is made for wool.
  • While cleaning, you don’t want to make it too wet in any specific area, or the whole carpet. Extract approximately 80% of the water on the carpet.
  • Make sure that the carpet has a sufficient dry time. If you own any fans it would be better to turn them on and point them to the carpet. Turn on your home heating and ventilation so that the fan is always on. If it is hot outside open the window, and if it is cold outside turn on the heat a little bit higher and crack the window. The carpet will not dry if the inside of the house or apartment is humid
  • Make sure it dries within 24 hours because mould starts to grow in 72 hours.

By following these steps, you should be able to properly clean your carpet to the best possible look without the help of any carpet cleaning technicians.

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